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Falling for Trouble

"Continues the good-natured verve and engaging upbeat voice…"
Publisher's Weekly

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The riot grrrl and the bookworm—just the pair to get the whole town talking…


Liam Byrd loves Halikarnassus, New York. He loves its friendliness, its nosiness, the vibrant library at the center of it all. And now that Joanna Green is home, the whole town sizzles. A rebel like her stirs up excitement, action, desire—at least in Liam.


Joanna never thought she’d have to come back to her dull, tiny fishbowl of a hometown ever again. She almost had a record deal for her all-girl rock band. She almost had it made in L.A. And then her deal went sour and her granny broke her leg . . . and now here she is, running into everybody’s favorite librarian every time she heads to a dive bar or catches up with old friends.


He has charm, he has good taste in music—and the sight of him in running shorts is dangerously distracting. But when he loves her old town and she can’t wait to check out, their new romance is surely destined for the book drop . . .

"Title’s realistic depiction of life in a library adds charm and humor to this nearly perfect story."
Kirkus Reviews (starred review) 
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Sarah Title

"The best of a new kind of contemporary romance"

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