RT2017 – Day 1

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It’s really happening! I’m tired. But the convention started yesterday, and here’s what happened:

I drove in yesterday and realized I had never been to South Carolina before. Driving through it on I-85 does not inspire much wanderlust in that direction, but I’m from New Jersey, so I understand about highways and stuff.

Wow, thrilling.

I met up with my girls, Shar and Jules, and we got right into it:

That’s right. Adult women in pajamas enjoying a crappy movie, narrated by our very own Damon Suede. It was GLITTER! Starring Padma Lakshmi! I forgot about that part! And Mariah Carey, of course.

It feels a lot more crowded this year. But maybe that is because I am 40 now and everything makes me crabby?

Then this morning I volunteered to help with registration, which I did, but I overslept and forgot earrings. I know. My life is hard. And I helped veteran cover model CJ Hollenbach figure out his conference badge, bless his heart.

Also, Starr is doing just great with her Dear Companion.



What’s Up With Sarah Title?

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What’s Up With Sarah Title?

Oh, hi everyone.

hello dog


So, gosh, it looks like I haven’t updated this blog since August. Which is a little silly, considering I had a book out in February. Would have made a whole bunch of sense to update the blog then, right?

duh dog

The book’s doing very well, thank you, and for reals, thank you to everyone who’s read it and reached out or not reached out and just read it. It’s a little overwhelming.

Also, I was working on two other books.

Excuses excuses!

side eye dog

I thought about closing this here blog down, which would probably be better than having a not-at-all active blog. But then I realized RT IS COMING, LIKE, TOMORROW.

happy dog

As I have in years past, I shall recap the hell out of my time there.

I missed Vegas last year (I had nothing to promote and it just seemed so HARD), so I’m very much looking forward to getting back in the ol’ saddle again.

saddle dog

Anyway, hi! I’m not dead. And if you want more regular proof of that, may I suggest Instagram or Twitter or Facebook? Instagram has the most pictures of Starr, if that influences your decision in any way.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Starr.

FREDERIK - WIN_20151213_094534

She helped me write my books.

Much love and stuff!

Practice Makes PerfOMG LOOK AT THAT FACE

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So, I’ve got a novella coming out today. I know! How nice of me to tell you. It’s about an erotica-writing librarian with writer’s block and her bow tie-wearing professor friend who just wants to help. He’s a good friend, y’all!

I was thinking that I should post something to commemorate the book birthday, but I wasn’t sure what that should be.

A cover image? An excerpt?

Whatever it is, it should have something to do with the book.

Like the fact that the heroine has two elderly bassett hounds.

That’s right, TWO.

Ugh, this is too hard.

Well! I’ll think of something. In the meantime, enjoy PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.


And Happy Reading!!

Friday Dog Blog is all about FAMBILY

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You guys!!!
Rosie 2
This FACE is Rosie, and she now resides comfortably and permanently with my brother and his girlfriend in New Jersey.  CAN YOU STAND IT!
Like all good superheroes, she has an interesting origin story, which I am going to share with you.  I was going to just paste in the version my brother sent me, but it has no capitalization and little punctuation (#grammarshame), so let me summarize:
He and the gf have been talkin’ ’bout gettin’ a dog, like all good people do.  They’d been looking around, thinking about an older dog who was pretty chill and could handle their cats, who are pretty judgmental.  So one day they’re running errands (like grown ups!) and they’re like, let’s swing by the shelter.
And the shelter was on fire.
(PS NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED so read on with a clear conscience and the promise of a happy ending.)
OK!  So.  They get to the shelter and there was fire and the parking lot across the street full of dogs on leashes.  And they were like, hey, we need volunteers to take these dogs!  So bro and gf were like, we’re done with our grown-up errands so we’ll do it!
They got Rosie.
Now here’s my brother to tell the cutest part:

as we’re walking back to the car rosie kept doing this thing where every time someone would walk by she would lay down on the sidewalk in front of them so they had no choice but to pet her, and i think thats the point where i was like, yeah, we’re not giving her back.


So Rosie came home, she has some residual respiratory problems which necessitates two daily doses of cough medicine, she gets along with the cats, here’s another pic:

Rosie 1


There are still many unanswered questions, such as:

1) Where is Rosie’s fave spot to snooze?

2) Does she prefer a vigorous belly rub or a vigorous behind-the-ear scritchy scratch?

3) Do her feet smell like Dipsy Doodles?
I will report back as more information (and pics) arrive.
In the meantime, if you are moved by the story of a shelter on fire and the volunteers who made sure all of the animals continue to be safe and adoptable, won’t you consider giving to the Montclair Animal Shelter?  They’re raising money to rebuild even better than before, and to help pay medical expenses for the animals.  (Rosie, for example, had to go to the emergency vet because her breathing was so bad.  She’s OK now!!  But still.  Animal doctors cost money.)

Now two of the four Title siblings are in permanent possession of a canine companion.  As our forefathers sang, woa-oah, we’re halfway the-ere.

Happy weekend, loves!

Friday Dog Blog Has a Change of Heart

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Something happened to me, on this 39th anniversary of my birth.



I looked around, and I thought, is this real life?

Is what real life?

Is what real life?

Have I been doing things wrong this whole time?

Doing what wrong?

Doing what wrong?

Have I been rooting for the wrong team?


Quit it with the sports metaphors.


Don't say it

Don’t say it

I can't

I can’t

Say What???

Say What???



Friday Dog Blog is So Fresh and So Clean

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I am trying to be more vigilant in my commitment to bringing you regular Friday Dog Blogs.  I realize I have said this before, but this time I really mean it.  Probably.

Anyway!  My dear friend Trixie (who got married this weekend!!!!! Sorry, fellas) sent me this a while back with the subject line “tell me this is not happening at your house, (yet).”

It doesn’t.  But only because Starr doesn’t like to get wet.

Happy Weekend!

Friday Dog Blog is a COVER!!

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You guys!  I wrote a book!

You have to wait until August to read it.  I’m sorry!  I can’t help it!  Time is a flat circle!  Etc!

In the meantime, may I whet your appetites with the cover?


So…August 30th. Novella.  Featuring bassett hounds and LOVE.  I’m excited about this one!  I mean, I’m excited about all of them, but this one is particularly cute.  We revisit old friends and there are bassett hounds and a hero who wears a bow tie but is a SECRET HUNK.  I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Friday Dog Blog is a LADY

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So, a while back I sojourned back to the Ancestral Homeland (aka New Jersey) for a Big Birthday Surprise for my Mama (shout out to Mama!).  I stayed with my sister, who has several roommates, one of whom is this pug:IMG_0997

Her name is Roxanne and it is pronounced RUHHX-AHNN.  She occasionally sits like a lady:


She also has the most foul breath of any beast I have ever encountered.

Seriously.  When I see a dog, my first instinct is to stick my face in their face so they may know my love and scritchy scratches.  I cannot not do that with Roxanne.  I was literally repelled by her deadly mouth-odor.

Also, she snores:

[Sarah here. I’m having trouble getting this video to embed without you having to download it. Not that you wouldn’t want a download of a stranger’s dog snoring, but still. For the sake of technology. Please have patience while I google the solution.]

I hope you have enjoyed meeting this pup!  I have enjoyed meeting deadlines.  Will I be better about dog-blogging in 2016?  I think we both know the answer to that one.  But doesn’t the anticipation make it so much sweeter?

What about this meta-pug?  Does that make it sweeter?


Happy weekend!!


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Dog Photo Booth!

dog photos

I don’t even remember where I saw this first (Smexy Books, maybe?), but I have seen it many times all up in the internet, and it makes me happy to be on the internet.

Don’t worry, there’s more!


Anyway, sorry I’ve been absent for a bit.  I was on a deadline and also traveling a lot.  Maybe someday I’ll post about it.  Or maybe I’ll just LOOK AT THESE DOGS IN A PHOTO BOOTH.