Practice Makes PerfOMG LOOK AT THAT FACE

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So, I’ve got a novella coming out today. I know! How nice of me to tell you. It’s about an erotica-writing librarian with writer’s block and her bow tie-wearing professor friend who just wants to help. He’s a good friend, y’all!

I was thinking that I should post something to commemorate the book birthday, but I wasn’t sure what that should be.

A cover image? An excerpt?

Whatever it is, it should have something to do with the book.

Like the fact that the heroine has two elderly bassett hounds.

That’s right, TWO.

Ugh, this is too hard.

Well! I’ll think of something. In the meantime, enjoy PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.


And Happy Reading!!

Friday Dog Blog is a COVER!!

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You guys!  I wrote a book!

You have to wait until August to read it.  I’m sorry!  I can’t help it!  Time is a flat circle!  Etc!

In the meantime, may I whet your appetites with the cover?


So…August 30th. Novella.  Featuring bassett hounds and LOVE.  I’m excited about this one!  I mean, I’m excited about all of them, but this one is particularly cute.  We revisit old friends and there are bassett hounds and a hero who wears a bow tie but is a SECRET HUNK.  I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Friday Dog Blog is On The Move!

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Sports!  I’m so into sports.

Mostly, though, dogs:


That goll durned li’l escape artist!

PS. I love Minor League Baseball.


Say, have any of you had a chance to read TWO FAMILY HOME?  My mom told me it’s her second favorite!  If you read and enjoyed it well enough, won’t you consider a review on Goodreads or Amazon or where’er you purchased it?

Much obliged, and Happy Weekend!

Friday Dog Blog is so cute I can’t even come up with a clever title.

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I am enjoying some family vacay time in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, where mostly it has rained. But today was gorgeous and cool and afforded many opportunities for lake-style playtime.

Like kayaking. The one glowing from unnatural exposure to the sun is me.

Like kayaking. The one glowing from unnatural exposure to the sun is me.

But it is not safe to boat alone.

Excellent form.

Excellent form.

And now she tries to steer.

And now she tries to steer.

Then she commandeered my daggun sunglasses.

Then she commandeered my daggun sunglasses.



Happy weekend!

Say, don’t forget that TWO FAMILY HOME is out now!

Snowed In Release Day!

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It’s really happening!

Snowed In_Title

“Snowed In” is released today!

As my friend Trixie pointed out, you don’t need to leave the house to get an ebook.  Which is good because:


That’s my street.  And I don’t have a snow shovel.  And apparently Charleston doesn’t have snow plows?

But I do have snow boots and a strong constitution, so it looks like I’m walking to work.

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