Friday (Dog Blog) I’m in Love

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I hope you all now have The Cure in your head.

Anyhoo.  It’s been a smidge since I fostered a dog, what with the RT Convention and work and blah blah blah.  But, like a sucker, I follow my local shelter on Facebook, and I know they are super-full and looking for fosters.  And all of those puppies!  I love puppies.

Mostly just to look at.

But then.  Then!  Then there was a picture of this old, mangy poodle with hair mats and a dirty face.

And I knew this was the beast for me.

I shan’t post her shelter picture here because she looks terrified and I don’t want people to be sad.  So I’ll just show you how she looked when I brought her home:

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

OK, one more because she’s the cutest:

She is also a ferocious watchdog.

She is also a ferocious watchdog.

Despite looking pleasantly like a mop, she was an uncomfortable mess.  Seriously, she was tripping over the mats on her feet and she could barely eat because her hair was so long it wouldn’t stay out of her mouth.  So I had no choice but to do this:


She’s naked!  But she’s clean.  We’re still working on the eye problem.

Anyway, her name is Star, but I call her Fraggle or Buda Butt or Baby Love or whatever comes into my random brain.  And she shows her joy at my returning from work by sitting on the couch behind my head and humping the heck out of her stuffed duck.

We’re in love!

But she’s available for adoption.

For now.


Happy weekend!

A Mary of Worth

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(That title is a little homage to my girl, JR Ward, who I don’t actually know and who would probably be surprised to discover that she is my girl.  Because a) I love her and b) Lover At Last comes out this week!!!  I’m dying.  If you were an editor, you would give your author an extension on her deadline because she had to spend the rest of the week reading about giant vampire warrior dudes getting it on, right?  Right???)

Anyway.  Today I want to talk about Mary Worth.  Are you all faithful readers of Mary Worth, the soap operatic comic strip featuring the eponymous elder stateswoman of the world, who is all up in everyone’s gravy, but in a way they eventually come to love and appreciate?  Listen, it is boring.  It is a boring comic strip, and I say that as someone who watches soap operas (or used to!  And will again when All My Children goes online) and is used to the alternately molasses-then-whiplash pace of the story lines.  Mostly I would just read Mary Worth on Sundays, and have no idea what was going on, but that Mary would probably work it all out.  And then I would happily move on to Prince Valiant.

But now.  Now Mary Worth has a plotline that is ripped from the headlines!  Or at least the headlines of my life!  Because it features a cranky old neighbor woman and her shy, retiring spinster daughter…


Yes, Mary.  I also hope they are nice.

And the great news is…the Spinster is also a…ROMANCE WRITER!  A career of which her Cranky Mother Does Not Approve:


She knows nothing about romance in real life, because she is a spinster.  CAN YOU FEEL THE TENSION.

And then they go to a dinner party at Mary’s, and Mom is a total bitch:


But she’s apparently a bitch for a reason!

Don’t worry, though, Sunday’s extra-large strip reveals Mary’s ulterior motive:


Which is to pimp out the Romance Writer to the Gentle Widow Next Door.

Anyway, this all seems particularly timely, what with my first book coming out soon and all.  There’s a part of me that worries that people will assume I am a Sad Spinster with a Cruel Mother.  (For the record, I am not a Spinster, I just totally dress like one.  I Heart Sensible Shoes.)  Or that I have some kind of pervy sex obsession (aka a female sex drive. Oh, society!).  And that, in short, I will spend the rest of my life, or at least a decent amount of my future time, justifying my existence as a romance novelist.

And, I mean, I probably will.  But also, I am a romance novelist.  That makes it go down a little easier.

(Props to The Comics Curmudgeon, which is where I rediscovered the joy of newspaper comics soap operas.)