RT2017 – Day 2

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Y’all, I am tired. I wore heels for, like, half an hour. I’m not cut out for that kind of rigor.

Anyway! The first full day of the convention was full of busy-ness and the -itis. The -itis is when I’m surrounded by books that are being given away and I panic because they are not being given away to ME. Because, you know, I don’t work in a public library or have a disposable income, so there’s no other way I can access books.

But these are FREE. I NEED THEM.


I got a few.

I feel better now.

The main thing is that Shar, Jules, and I went to the Rockabilly Street Fair, where I got books, and we looked cute.

IMG_0971 - CopyJust trust me. We were cute.

Anyway, I was tired and I got books. All in all a successful day. Now I am in the bar waiting for my agent and drinking a beer so I’m nice and lubed up to sign books at the Kensington party in an hour. Also, Jules and Shar waited in line for an hour and a half for the Kristen Ashley party.


Part of me wants to laugh at them, part of me wants to join them.

I leave you with a question: what is this swag??


Now I’ll leave you with an answer:


It’s…a bowl? Maybe?

RT2017 – Day 1

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It’s really happening! I’m tired. But the convention started yesterday, and here’s what happened:

I drove in yesterday and realized I had never been to South Carolina before. Driving through it on I-85 does not inspire much wanderlust in that direction, but I’m from New Jersey, so I understand about highways and stuff.

Wow, thrilling.

I met up with my girls, Shar and Jules, and we got right into it:

That’s right. Adult women in pajamas enjoying a crappy movie, narrated by our very own Damon Suede. It was GLITTER! Starring Padma Lakshmi! I forgot about that part! And Mariah Carey, of course.

It feels a lot more crowded this year. But maybe that is because I am 40 now and everything makes me crabby?

Then this morning I volunteered to help with registration, which I did, but I overslept and forgot earrings. I know. My life is hard. And I helped veteran cover model CJ Hollenbach figure out his conference badge, bless his heart.

Also, Starr is doing just great with her Dear Companion.



What’s Up With Sarah Title?

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What’s Up With Sarah Title?

Oh, hi everyone.

hello dog


So, gosh, it looks like I haven’t updated this blog since August. Which is a little silly, considering I had a book out in February. Would have made a whole bunch of sense to update the blog then, right?

duh dog

The book’s doing very well, thank you, and for reals, thank you to everyone who’s read it and reached out or not reached out and just read it. It’s a little overwhelming.

Also, I was working on two other books.

Excuses excuses!

side eye dog

I thought about closing this here blog down, which would probably be better than having a not-at-all active blog. But then I realized RT IS COMING, LIKE, TOMORROW.

happy dog

As I have in years past, I shall recap the hell out of my time there.

I missed Vegas last year (I had nothing to promote and it just seemed so HARD), so I’m very much looking forward to getting back in the ol’ saddle again.

saddle dog

Anyway, hi! I’m not dead. And if you want more regular proof of that, may I suggest Instagram or Twitter or Facebook? Instagram has the most pictures of Starr, if that influences your decision in any way.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Starr.

FREDERIK - WIN_20151213_094534

She helped me write my books.

Much love and stuff!

Practice Makes PerfOMG LOOK AT THAT FACE

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So, I’ve got a novella coming out today. I know! How nice of me to tell you. It’s about an erotica-writing librarian with writer’s block and her bow tie-wearing professor friend who just wants to help. He’s a good friend, y’all!

I was thinking that I should post something to commemorate the book birthday, but I wasn’t sure what that should be.

A cover image? An excerpt?

Whatever it is, it should have something to do with the book.

Like the fact that the heroine has two elderly bassett hounds.

That’s right, TWO.

Ugh, this is too hard.

Well! I’ll think of something. In the meantime, enjoy PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.


And Happy Reading!!

Friday Dog Blog is all about FAMBILY

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You guys!!!
Rosie 2
This FACE is Rosie, and she now resides comfortably and permanently with my brother and his girlfriend in New Jersey.  CAN YOU STAND IT!
Like all good superheroes, she has an interesting origin story, which I am going to share with you.  I was going to just paste in the version my brother sent me, but it has no capitalization and little punctuation (#grammarshame), so let me summarize:
He and the gf have been talkin’ ’bout gettin’ a dog, like all good people do.  They’d been looking around, thinking about an older dog who was pretty chill and could handle their cats, who are pretty judgmental.  So one day they’re running errands (like grown ups!) and they’re like, let’s swing by the shelter.
And the shelter was on fire.
(PS NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED so read on with a clear conscience and the promise of a happy ending.)
OK!  So.  They get to the shelter and there was fire and the parking lot across the street full of dogs on leashes.  And they were like, hey, we need volunteers to take these dogs!  So bro and gf were like, we’re done with our grown-up errands so we’ll do it!
They got Rosie.
Now here’s my brother to tell the cutest part:

as we’re walking back to the car rosie kept doing this thing where every time someone would walk by she would lay down on the sidewalk in front of them so they had no choice but to pet her, and i think thats the point where i was like, yeah, we’re not giving her back.


So Rosie came home, she has some residual respiratory problems which necessitates two daily doses of cough medicine, she gets along with the cats, here’s another pic:

Rosie 1


There are still many unanswered questions, such as:

1) Where is Rosie’s fave spot to snooze?

2) Does she prefer a vigorous belly rub or a vigorous behind-the-ear scritchy scratch?

3) Do her feet smell like Dipsy Doodles?
I will report back as more information (and pics) arrive.
In the meantime, if you are moved by the story of a shelter on fire and the volunteers who made sure all of the animals continue to be safe and adoptable, won’t you consider giving to the Montclair Animal Shelter?  They’re raising money to rebuild even better than before, and to help pay medical expenses for the animals.  (Rosie, for example, had to go to the emergency vet because her breathing was so bad.  She’s OK now!!  But still.  Animal doctors cost money.)

Now two of the four Title siblings are in permanent possession of a canine companion.  As our forefathers sang, woa-oah, we’re halfway the-ere.

Happy weekend, loves!

Friday Dog Blog Has a Change of Heart

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Something happened to me, on this 39th anniversary of my birth.



I looked around, and I thought, is this real life?

Is what real life?

Is what real life?

Have I been doing things wrong this whole time?

Doing what wrong?

Doing what wrong?

Have I been rooting for the wrong team?


Quit it with the sports metaphors.


Don't say it

Don’t say it

I can't

I can’t

Say What???

Say What???



Time To Get Political

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This will just take a second.  It is a poor substitute for cute puppies, but I can’t not say anything about this, so please bear with me.

There’s been some recent news for people who have to pee in North Carolina.  (And for people who live in Kansas, but I neither live nor vote in Kansas, so I’ll leave Kansas alone.)  That news is that we no longer have to live in FEAR and TERROR of a transgender person INVADING our precious dichotomous elimination.

(A transgender person, in over-simplified binary terms, is a person who was born with one gender but identifies and lives as another.  So a biological woman identifies as male and presents as male – meaning we would see this person out and about and assume this person was a male.  Same for biological males identifying as female.  We’d see this person and say, hey, there’s a lady.  Moving on.)

This law, that passed the general assembly, which is made up of assholes, and was quickly signed into law by governor mccrory, an asshole, does a lot of really really shitty things.  It’s one thing (and a terrible thing) to say that folks can only use the bathroom corresponding to the gender to which they were born.  This is stupid, and unnecessary, especially as there are literally no reported cases of transgender villainy, bathroom-wise.  (Whereas there are many reported cases of villainy inflicted upon transgender persons, presumably from people who equate transgenderism with creepery when in fact those are two very very different things.)

So that’s one shitty thing.  The law forces transgender people into potentially dangerous situations while protecting the biologically comfortable from literally nothing.

(But wait.  What about when you’re in a bar and the line for the women’s room is really long but there’s no one in the men’s room so you just go in and pee real quick?  Is that going to be illegal now?  IS IT.

No, Sarah, you’re thinking, that’s stupid.  I mean, the legislation is clearly not meant to inconvenience my drunk, white, cis-gendered female ass.  It’s only meant to inconvenience the perverts, and by perverts we mean transgendered people because there already is a law to protect us against actual perverts who are breaking an actual law that is preventing actually harmful things to people.  Again, moving on.)

It gets worse.  The way this law came to pass in North Carolina is that Charlotte, a big city, passed a law that said, hey friends, when you’re in Charlotte, you can’t not serve a gay person in your business because they’re gay.  In addition to being bad business, it is also now a law.  Great, right?  Wrong.  Because then the General Assembly was like THINK OF THE BATHROOMS and convened a special session – A SPECIAL SESSION DURING MARCH MADNESS THAT IS HOW STRONGLY THEY FEEL ABOUT THIS NON-THREAT IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS – where they passed a law that said, say, that nice thing in Charlotte?  Where it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation?  That kind of nice thing is now illegal.

Let’s make sure you understand me correctly:  The state of North Carolina passed a bill that made it ILLEGAL for LOCAL GOVERNMENTS to pass a law protecting its citizens.

This is exactly the situation the phrase “what the actual fuck” was invented for.

(Hidden away in that bill is also the provision that local government can’t pass a law requiring businesses to pay above the state minimum wage.  Which means that places like the Triangle (where I live, and where shit is expensive and where many people who work for my town literally cannot afford to live in this town) could not say to its businesses, hey, you want to benefit from the great things in this area?  You need to pay folks a living wage which, yes, is higher than a living wage might be in other parts of the state but sorry folks, that’s how we roll.  Except it’s not how we roll, since it is now illegal for local government to pass laws like this.

Because smaller government only means smaller government when it’s not accidentally making life better for the villainously queer or the villainously poor.  But let’s move on.)

This, friends, is bullshit.  This law protects nobody from anything, and actively endangers people who need protection.  It peels back the veneer of Southern hospitality and reveals the joker inside who is all, ha ha we only meant hospitality for people who are just like us.

I realize I am a writer of light romance novels that are fluffy and not particularly deep and that people probably seek out to be distracted from the shit like this in the world around us.  And I am glad that I can provide comfort to people, because I do not believe that there are no good people in the world.  There are.  There are even good people in the NC general assembly, probably.  And normally I stay away from posting things about my politics and religious views and such, because that has nothing to do with my writing, nor do the politics or religious views of my readers have anything to do with my writing.

But I can’t see something like this and not say something.  This is some kind of superpower meta-discrimination, and it is couched in language that tries to make it sound like they HAVE to discriminate in order to protect us.  That is a lie, and it is a dangerous, dangerous lie and a disgusting lie that I cannot even in the most accidental way condone.  It is gross.  I am against it.

I just finished listening to Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin and I know we’re all tired of hearing everything compared to Nazis, but here’s the thing.  You read that book, and you think, what the hell, people of the 1930s?  How did you not see that coming?  And the way they did not see that coming is they saw things happening, and they said nothing.  And while my writing persona pretends to be someone who keeps her mouth shut on issues that are not relevant, I can’t do it in this case.  This law is wrong.  It is probably also unconstitutional, but even if it’s not, it’s wrong, and it should be repealed faster than you can say Gay Panic.

If you want to do something about it, consider reaching out to the nice folks at Equality NC.  Or just talk about it.  Let it be known in your communities, in your churches, and in your families that this kind of political machination is hateful and wrong and fucking un-American.  Transgender people do not present a threat to cisgender people in bathrooms.  We’re all just sitting in there together, waiting for the other person to leave so we can fart.

So guess what, fuck you North Carolina.  I hope you lose your stupid basketball game.

Now back to our regularly scheduled frivolity.

Friday Dog Blog is So Fresh and So Clean

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I am trying to be more vigilant in my commitment to bringing you regular Friday Dog Blogs.  I realize I have said this before, but this time I really mean it.  Probably.

Anyway!  My dear friend Trixie (who got married this weekend!!!!! Sorry, fellas) sent me this a while back with the subject line “tell me this is not happening at your house, (yet).”

It doesn’t.  But only because Starr doesn’t like to get wet.

Happy Weekend!

Friday Dog Blog is a COVER!!

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You guys!  I wrote a book!

You have to wait until August to read it.  I’m sorry!  I can’t help it!  Time is a flat circle!  Etc!

In the meantime, may I whet your appetites with the cover?


So…August 30th. Novella.  Featuring bassett hounds and LOVE.  I’m excited about this one!  I mean, I’m excited about all of them, but this one is particularly cute.  We revisit old friends and there are bassett hounds and a hero who wears a bow tie but is a SECRET HUNK.  I can’t wait for you all to read it!

OG on Sale!

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And by OG I mean my first book, Kentucky Home.  If you like hunky, surly horse farmers, ladies looking for a fresh start, transformative haircuts, family-related sass, and three-legged dogs named Peanut, this is the book for you!

It’s only 99 cents for all you Nook-ers out there, as part of Barnes and Noble’s Season of Love sale.  Which is probably the only time in my writing life that I’ll be listed alongside Dora the Explorer, so go ahead and take advantage of it!