OK, So I’m Going To Start Recapping Outlander.

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When I started seeing stuff about Starz’s (??) adaptation of Outlander, I was super-excited.  I love the book and it looked so pretty and the actors were so pretty.  And then I started to get nervous, as I do.  What if it sucks?  What if it looks pretty, but I hate it and everything is ruined?

So I wasn’t going to recap it, because if it was bad, I would be just too heartbroken.

Heartbroken over a TV show.


Fortunately for the universe, it is AMAZEBALLS.  All of the actors are so pretty and they are all so GOOD and YAY.

So I’m going to recap it.

Starting now.

I should also mention that I spent a semester in Aberdeen when I was in college, and late-90s Aberdeen is totally like Outlander.  What I’m saying is, I’ve seen kilts.  And I’ve had whiskey.  And I’ve had whiskey while dancing with people in kilts.  (Hint: Not recommended.)

Why am I throwing that out there?  I guess so you are impressed?  Did it work?

Anyhoots.  Enough of that!  Let’s talk about Outlander!  But later, because I have to watch the first episode again!  For the sixth time!


So pretty.


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